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Player of the Game vs. Sierra Linda

Timing BasePage.OnPreInit: 1 BasePage.OnInit: 137 BasePage.OnLoad: 138 BasePage.OnLoadComplete: 411 BasePage.OnPreRender: 411 BasePage.OnPreRenderComplete: 643 BasePage.DoneTiming: 649 CBSI Tracking = { "BrandIdName": "MaxPreps", "SiteIdName": "Desktop", "PageTypeName": "TeamWall", "BrandId": 64, "SiteId": 189, "PageType": 6893, "Ontology": { "FullName": "GIRLS:SOCCER:TEAM:", "FullValue": "31428:31454:31458:" } } StartFragmentCongratulations to #2 Mikey Regas for being selected the Arcadia Girls Soccer Player of the Game.EndFragment

Sophomore midfielder Mikey Regas broke open a 1-0 game with goals in the 27th, 32th, & 37th minutes. In her first-half hat-trick, she converted assists by sophomores Brooke Leber and Abby Ford, and senior Natalia Arellano. Natalia added the next three goals to put the contest out of reach.

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