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Player of the Game vs. NDP (State Semi-finals)

Congratulations to #34 Sarandon Raboin for being selected the Arcadia Girls Soccer Player of the Game.

Timing BasePage.OnPreInit: 20 BasePage.OnInit: 65 BasePage.OnLoad: 65 BasePage.OnLoadComplete: 284 BasePage.OnPreRender: 332 BasePage.OnPreRenderComplete: 375 BasePage.DoneTiming: 379 CBSI Tracking = { "BrandIdName": "MaxPreps", "SiteIdName": "Desktop", "PageTypeName": "Players", "BrandId": 64, "SiteId": 189, "PageType": 6866, "Ontology": { "FullName": "GIRLS:SOFTBALL:PLAYER:", "FullValue": "31428:31460:31464:" } } StartFragmentSenior goal keeper Sarandon Raboin was the hero for Arcadia in penalties, stopping Notre Dame's first two pk's and leading the Titans to a 4-1 win in the shootout. Sarandon also made a dozen saves in regulation and overtime, including one in the 1st half and three in the 2nd that prevented what appeared to be sure-goals for Notre Dame. Trailing 0-1, Arcadia relied on Sarandon time after time to keep the game close, until Kalena Teufel's goal tied it in the 60th minute. In pk's, Sarandon's two saves out of three NDP chances, combined with Arcadia's making its first 4 shots, ensured that the Lady Titans will play for the State Championship Saturday night at 7:30.EndFragment

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